Mrs. Flores' Classroom Updates

Welcome to 6th grade

NEXT field trip is on October 22 to Celebrate Creativity in Omaha. This is a Omaha Symphony middle school field trip. I need every student to bring $5 for the field trip. 

Our workshops start at 9:30am but it is in Omaha. We need to leave school no later than 8:15am. Please make sure your child is here at school at normal time. If you are running late please let me know. We will leave at 8:15am. I don't want the whole class miss their workshops for being late.

Field Trip details

Field Trip Map

Lesson Plan



History Chapter 4- TX pg. 95+96 #1-11

Math Chapter 2- Textbook page 97- 99 #1-33

Map Skills-

Northern Africa countries-

Southern Africa countries-