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Welcome to College View Academy! We are so honored to have you be a part of our school family and to work alongside you and your students as we seek to engage together in a holistic education process.

At CVA we recognize that the life now and the life to come are most likely two very different realities. Sometimes, as we think about the future of our students, we wonder how we can best help them find success long term. This challenge is a real topic to College View and its staff as we ever-build to provide a place where students are prepared for their futures.

To best provide education we as a school start off by recognizing a few core truths about why we do education. First, we recognize that all people are created in God’s image and, despite a fall into sin back in the Garden of Eden, our purpose is to guide students in a process of redemption. Our educational programs and opportunities are built and operated in a whole-child framework as we were created as whole individuals. So from classwork to behavior-modification to outside activities, everything is about how we can improve and grow.

Secondly, we recognize that we are called to live a life of love and service to others. This purpose has been true since the beginning and will continue throughout eternity. So while we provide education to help students find successful careers as adults, we educate with the worldview focus of how my skills and talents can be used to love and serve others in whatever field our students take up in the future. Our “why” is redemption, love, and service while our “what/how” is, again, holistic education. This education seeks to build character that serves as a bedrock foundation for an ever changing world.

Our educational program is diverse and offers character programs, core academics, college preparation programs with dual credit options, behavior systems built to support and promote learning and growth and not just positive/negative reinforcement, interscholastic opportunities, community involvement through associations and volunteerism, community service trips where we seek to serve the greater Lincoln community and beyond, leadership opportunities, increased recess and physical education minutes, music classes for all ages, spiritual growth and support, and so much more.

Summed up we are here to help each other live out our original God-given potentials and callings. We do this through providing a holistic education that seeks to develop every aspect of the child’s life. Whether it be social, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental/academic, etc. we strive to provide and continue to build programs to that aim. 

Thank you for being a part of this experience and if you are not a part of it now, please reach out as we are one family and one team working together to create and provide an eternal education. We would love to help you be a part of our community.

God bless,

Casey L. Prindle

College View Academy Principal



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