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Renae Cross

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Ms. Cross graduated from Union College with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education K-12 with an instrumental emphasis; we welcome her to CVA as our new K-12 Music Teacher! Music has always been an important part of Renae's life and she has lots of energy and creative ways to bring music alive.  

Want to know a little bit more about Ms. Cross...keep reading.

- How long have you been teaching? I've been teaching since 2019.
- How do you show God in the classroom? I show God in my classroom through the different elements of music and how each part of music can connect to God. For example--all music has a steady beat which brings everything together, just like God is what keeps us steady and centered around Him!
- If I was a superhero, my power would be: Telekinesis!
- Why do you love CVA? I love CVA because I get to work with the best kids and see them grow up.
- Most Inspiring Part of your Job? The most inspiring part of my job is watching someone start to enjoy playing music and discover their love for the art.
- Best piece of advice for students? Go practice!
- What person would you spend a day with? I would spend a day with Leonard Bernstein, one of my favorite musicians and composers.
- How do you see Jesus at CVA? I see Jesus in the amazing teachers that I get to work with every day.

- Favorite holiday? Christmas!
- Favorite Bible Verse and why? My favorite Bible verse is John 15:13. It reminds me of the true meaning of friendship and the lengths that Jesus was willing to go for us--His friends.
- What do you bring to CVA? I bring terrible puns :)
- What is your favorite part about teaching? My favorite part about teaching is seeing the lightbulb go off in people's eyes when they grasp a concept.

Title: K-12 Music Instruction

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Phone: 402-483-1181 ext. 133

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